I was on my way to Duriban when I stopped for a look at this curtained-off building. The others were travelling by car so I figured if I didn't go in, they'd just keep me waiting.

So in I went. I'm not sure what kind of business this was on the main floor.

Here's how the basement nightclub looks.

Oh yes, there is a bunch of alcohol still there. This could mean they're coming back for it.

There was a monkey that looked more like Curious George than a gorilla.

The "Lady Only" section.

One of the booths.

I took a few pictures of the menu, blindly in the dark, which was hard to compose.

The two emergency exits.

This is the top of their designated fire exit. I wonder what would have happened if there was a fire and the gate was locked.

Here's another view from out front.

We came back after our meal. With friends I was able to move calmly and slowly. I found this weird Luigi thing.

Why weird, you ask?

Another look at all the liquor.

Another another look.

We found a sizeable collection of abandoned ID cards.

Looking around a pitch-black room.

With flash.

We found a collection of lost purses and wallets in the back.

There was at least one foreign driver's licence.

We found Christmas and Halloween decorations.

No money in them, but one of them had a bujeok.

Another look at the monkey.

Locker keys?


He's still at it.

Then we went to the second floor, which had a pocha-themed restaurant.

More IDs, almost all women.

I liked the fake heater in the middle of the room.

No idea why the upper left sign uses a Burberry Man. It just seems to be advertising the place. Nostalgia for a youth when flashers were common?

I initially thought this sign was about the cash register not having much money. It wasn't.

And a sign for the place.

Yeong-ae, you're prettiest when you drink!

I think this was the third floor.

The menu does remind me of a type of pocha restaurant. It seems more like Yongsan Pochachon.

Lots of pictures of people.

The fourth floor had a birthday party interrupted.

Some kind of wheel of fortune, marked for removal.

A hallway in the spa.

Foot baths?

Some graffiti out in the hall.

The most uncomfortable kitchen I've ever seen.

And now the roof.

Looking over the side.

Next door was a video game room.

And across the street was busy. The whole time we were inside, unless we were somewhere really insulated, it was loud.

A wider shot.

The narrow space between the curtain and the building.

Out on the inhabited side of the curtain.

Gotta admire how they were jaywalking all together at one time.

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