The Lego Titan.

I guess this was a convention/wedding hall.

It was a rainy day, and while I was here it started raining again.

This was the one picture I took while in the property.

I got a few pictures in the active areas nearby.

And I came across a recently closed hotel.

Here's the entrance to the colatheque in the back.

And one picture looking cautiously into the lobby.

Now here are people lined up for a bus outside.

There was another cluster of shuttered businesses.

Here's the hotel I was able to get inside.

And here it was from higher up.

Those two rooms with lights on concerned me, before I realised it was a reflection of the building I was on.

And the lights are magically gone when I'm back down on the street level. Some of the exterior signs are lit up, but it seems like this is for the building next door which the business could be moving into.

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