Abandoned Hotel

This door in the back leads to a wedding shop. The room is crammed full of debris and probably a bad idea to enter.

The colatheque entrance.

I saw people inside, so I approached with caution. They turned out to be two of the people I was meeting, and I accidentally gave them a scare.

The front desk.

We headed into the basement looking for the colatheque.

These doors ahead injected us into an underground complex that was probably all part of the colatheque. But the problem was, from the other side the doorway was nondescript, and I had a great deal of trouble finding it again. I wouldn't have if I didn't catch Ryan coming out of it when he arrived.

There was another way up.

Here's a typical hall leading to private rooms.

This is a fancy passageway leading between the club entrance and the parking area out front, I guess for either newlyweds or VIPs. I went to the top where there were locked double doors with windows, and through them I could see Ryan and Sounion arriving. I called them and was able to direct them to the hotel, while completely invisible to them.

Another trashed room.

Once I was with friends and knew the way out, I went out onto the dancefloor.

It appears it was called "Don't Tell Mama."

Inside one of the private rooms. If you're one of the many people who has read "Hongdae Fire," this is the kind of backroom I pictured in Gentry, although in my mind it was less gaudy and maybe a little bigger.

And this is the place where Ryan unwittingly rescued me earlier.

We went up a few floors, and I saw signs that we weren't alone, so at that point we bugged out.

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