RAS Korea Business and Culture Club Meet

We gathered in front of Deoksu Palace. This picture sort of hides our numbers, so I guess I ran over ahead of about five others.

Jacco is talking in front of his favourite skinny house, which he is pretty certain is still inhabited.

I was shocked to see the Chosen Savings Bank house was still standing, after I'd reported ">its demolition imminent in September 2018.

The fence is still up, and covered with very good historical images.

Jacco points at something.

Here's a fence representing the Russian Legation.

Walking down the street. I thought the guy on the right was Robert Neff when I first saw him earlier, but when he got closer I figured out he wasn't because of his sideburns or whatever facial hair. Sometime after that, he gave someone his card and I was surprised I had totally not recognised Joe McPherson. This is about as bad as last year when I didn't recognise Jihyun and Goyang at the BLM solidarity march.

I was reading that vertical name slowly: "New...baby...nyeom?"

This one's a little quicker to read, but also slow to comprehend.

Roofing work. I guess this must have been in the Habib House compound.

Jacco hollers.

Here's the group photo.

And here's the "Fighting!" version.

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