This building stood out a little. It looks like it's set on a solid concrete base, a vague nod to brutalism.

Anyway, here are the Joseon gutters.

Looking the other way north.

You can see here how easily visible it is from the regular sidewalk.

Further down, peeking through a locked gate.

People walking along.

Looks like they uncovered an ancient Joseon subway vent.

There was an elderly Park Sa Mo type lecturing a family about who knows what while holding American and Israeli flags.

I think this is right at the intersection on the southern end.

Or maybe that subway vent is an albakgi.

I got up close to Yi Sunshin.

Some of the Baekundong Stream ruins.

A quick look down into what had been a subway entrance. I wonder what will happen to it.

A lonely booth.

A slightly more intact stretch of Baekundong Stream.

The city offered to let people sign up for tours of the archaeological sites, on a first come first serve basis, with a few dozen slots available. It filled up before I ever heard about it.

It looks like I walked in on people going on the tour.

A slightly closer look.

There was a booth set up way over there, but no entrance control behind me.

These people were probably heading into or out of the archaeological area.

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