...Whatever That Means Album Release Show

First I stopped by Senggi Studio to get a copy of the Reseters' new album.

Then I rushed over to FF for the ...Whatever That Means show, in time to see Beacon.

People were actually sitting and complying with rules this time.

This shows the distance between band and audience.

Next was Smoking Goose.

I went outside for too long and missed most of Burning Hepburn.

The merch table was left unguarded with a note saying they'd be back.

I was trying to take a picture of this "No Dancing / Wear Your Mask" sign but Songyi got in my way and made it about her.

Next band I saw was ...Whatever That Means.

Nobody will take those zines if you leave your glasses on them.

Well they're still complying mostly.


She was the closest and I got the best pictures of her.

Then Songyi joined them for one song.

Checking his phone.

Up at the merch table, Caspin was working but everyone was busy reading Broke.

The last band was Shin Hantae and Reggae Soul, who I'd only heard once from the distance at It's A Fest 2020.

We were back to sitting.

After, there was an hour or so with the bar open before the place closed. But it was too loud inside so I went outside.

Then I got taken to a secret room by the special police.

But at least the drinks were free.

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