Motel Valley

An abandoned hotel across the rice paddy.

They put a lot of effort into that sign.

It was otherwise a pretty typical hotel.

I had to cross a bridge to get there.

I walked partway across, took this picture while waiting for the cars that had seen me to pass, then went the rest of the way.


It was locked.

Someone had broken a window. I didn't go in.

From the other side.

Okay, I went back and looked inside the broken window.

Out front.

And there's the bridge again.

Down the street was another concrete shell that was probably supposed to be a motel.

It was wide open.

The building next door was a lot weirder, with that weird tall cargo door, lined with stone statues.

Here's a closer look at the building I came there for.

Right up the street was this one, which was closed.

This includes the sign showing what it is.

Which is...related to the memorial to Catholic martyr Alexius Hwang Sa-yeong.

This is the guy who wrote the letter urging imperial forces to invade Korea, which was intercepted and caused a huge backlash against Catholics with predictable results.

I kept driving, and took another picture of this hotel, which I don't have reason to believe is abandoned.

And here's the other side of that weird structure I parked in front of. It reminds me of a small version of the Edmonton Space & Science Center.

Here's the back of the building for the martyr, which is in mildly bad shape.

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