Motel Valley

This must have been built as a motel, but now it is an ice cream palace. And closed, but maybe it's active on weekdays as some sort of corporate office.

I couldn't tell what this huge fence was for, but there was a Korean base somewhere back there.

I stopped briefly at this place that looks like an abandoned construction site with statues.

Click for full size.

Next stop was this wood-built complex.

Lots of stones and statues.

One building was open.

And this art was a little...yeah.

Anyway, inside.

Low ceiling.

Here's the roof of the big circular building.

I found another room, maybe used as housing for staff.

They left a modern-looking mouse.

These TVs didn't look so modern.

More statues.

That's one tall ladder.

Another house.

That was one of the ways into the circular building. I could see a little inside and it appeared to be a cafe.

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