Art Valley

This metal sign ran for a really long time along the side of the road.

I went up and found myself in a hillside labyrinth of sculptures.

Somewhat like a hobbit hole.

All buildings were firmly closed.

Though the statues urged me to come in.

I went up to get a closer look at the swimming pool, and there was a dog standing there looking at me curiously. I said "You're a dog!" and went back to my scooter. If I come back, I'll bring dog treats.

Anyway here is the waterpark, maybe the dog's castle.

I went further uphill and found more animals.

Closed food court.

The place was massive. The higher up I went, the more expansive it was. I looked downhill at one point and saw the dog standing where it had seen me, as if it was investigating me.

There was a sign for Yangju Snow Festival.

This seemed like a first: an abandoned mask sign. Though it's questionable if this place is really abandoned or just in an off season.

Little buses.

I stopped to admire the view below me, but then I saw a white car making its way up after me, somewhere on these roads. Thinking it was security, I took off.

Anyway, I got out, and was reminded this was a drive-through exhibit, so the car probably just belonged to another driver.

The entrance is marked, although I saw one car pull up and fail to get in for whatever reason.

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