Heading Back

Another abandoned hotel, but this one was too exposed and there was a guy in the parking lot.

Here's a view of the general scenery.

This building is under construction, or at least renovation inside. I really have photographed more of the active architecture of the area.

Anyway, here's a destroyed sign.

For an abandoned cafe.

These might have been cabins for people to stay in.


This is across the street from the wooden dome. A vintage shop.

Peeking out over the wall of Art Valley was one of many dinosaurs.

You can see a lot of creatures climbing on the wall.

Here's another oddity that looekd like it could be closed.

This spa seemed closed.

Terrifying Seoul cop.

That's it, I promise to stop breaking the law.

Some more demolition within city limits.

I believe I've photographed this before.

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