Peter Bartholomew's Funeral

Two names stand out in English: Peter Bartholomew whose name is too long to fit in the box, and Peter Underwood who worked with Peter and helped with a lot of the funeral proceedings.

Matt takes pictures of pictures brought by others.

Peter and Diane Underwood had been at the funeral all day and were returning at 5am for the cremation and to take the other Peter's ashes to Gangneung. Peter came over and put a hand on Matt's shoulder, and I asked to take a picture of them. I then said it looked like they were comforting their son which got this laugh.

A slightly more serious picture. Peter didn't understand how I could take pictures without looking through the viewfinder.

The new mayor showed his condolences with this banner.

I'm guessing this is RAS Korea and not the central RAS.

There were a number of bouqets, particularly from the Navy. I can also see Asia Development Foundation, which is RAS Korea's sponsor.

I took this picture recalling one time at another funeral, someone couldn't find his shoes, so he just took someone else's. And that person couldn't find his shoes, so he took someone else's, and then that person took someone else's. I considered opening a shoe store franchise at the funeral home.

This shows the night shift. All these guys were presumably navy.

Matt photographed some more of the mementos, and I photographed him photographing them.

Here is some of what was on display.

Here's how our night went, tracked by the alcohol consumption of both of us combined. We drank almost exactly an equal amount.

Once Matt found the sewer juice, I had a feeling we were going to forget the rest of the night.

But at midnight sharp, all the fridges were padlocked, with no warning. One of the navy guys took pity and brought over two additional beers that had been sitting out at the time of the lockdown, and after we had those we had de facto drank the funeral home dry.

The two of us left around 12:30am, with less than five hours to go until the Underwoods would return, along with a couple more RAS Korea people, to join the navy guys bringing Peter's remains to their final resting place.

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