GTX Sites

I stopped at the side of the road to get the settings right for my camera to drive by and take a quick shot inside the gate.

This was a test of driving while holding a camera, something I try to avoid when there is traffic behind me.

It ended up being a little too quick.

This is the site in Gwanghwamun. They will definitely excavate here, but I'm not sure if this will be the site for a station.

Here's another site where they seem to be digging for a station.

You have to use your imagination for now though.

They have the green glowing ropes I often see at subway excavation sites.

Looks freshly poured.

Looking back the way I came. I remembered noting how green it looked in the camera, but the actual lighting I was observing on location did not have that green tinge.

A way out.

The catwalk is extensive around here, for whatever reason.

Up top.

Now I'm going back past something from earlier.

Another look in, a slightly better picture. This time, I noticed there was a worker sitting right inside the gate, about two meters from me just out of frame to the left, watching me.

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