The excavator was going to town with the help of two water hoses.

I took this picture noting the scooter that had just skirted past the demolition.

Since it no longer matters, my way into this place was to go behind the curtain where there's that blue circular sign, then climb up the scaffolding a couple meters to get onto the landing with the front door. You can see how that would have worked here.

At one point I saw a guy go up those stairs to the left of the demolition site.

The cats didn't want to go outside.

I coaxed Buster outside and put him on the chair so he could watch.

He didn't like it.

This is how they left the side while they went out for lunch.

When I went downstairs, the site was unsupervised although cars still couldn't fit in the alleyway.

You can see the choke point here.

People were congnizant of the demolition, even if they didn't make any choices differently.

I was in this spot for about 30 seconds and saw this many people pass.

Here's how the site looked when I came back after work. Now, cars can fit through.

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