Alley Market

This is the edge of this small market area.

To the right is a nice stream, with a protest banner in the way (people before redevelopment).

The area featured a tight maze of narrow alleys.

I couldn't quite figure out the Native imagery on this poster. Maybe that Keep America Beautiful ad? Likening redevelopment practices to genocide?

Another poster found right next to it, but with the exposure ruined by sunbeams.

These signs were adhered to doors, so that if you open them you break the seal.

Lots of garbage piled up.

There was a notable two-storey building right in the middle.

The door was ajar, and little did I know it was probably left that way after Ryan visited earlier.

At the end of the alley was a busy road.

Through the door. Inside was an eerily beautiful place.

Something about being in here just felt different than normal. It felt like being inside a Hanok courtyard that was inside a slightly larger room.

Another doorway, piled with garbage.

An old fire hydrant surrounded by loose bricks.

Looking in another door.

After a quick look inside, I turned around to go out.

The dome reminded me of West Edmonton Mall (sorry, no pictures of the Ice Palace), or maybe more appropriately for Korea, Lotte World.

Another look at the bricks.

A very tight alley.

Looks like some SHARPs have been here.

Inside, there were no traces of shamanism visible.

There was a big hole right inside the front door.

That would be useful for when missionaries come knocking.

A window smashed in to unlock the door.

I have to go back that way.

Out on the side street again.

It's hard to fathom that such a nice place could be next to such a run-down place, but that's the whole point of the urban renewal.

Out across the street. Those buildings are part of it.

A wider look at them.

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