Well, my way under the fence to get into Yongsan Railroad Hospital is now cut off.

They decided his face wasn't punchable enough yet, so they put up hundreds of images of him along this road in front of the hospital.

A friendly construction worker.

I decided to go to Bas Burger in the area, to see if it was any different from the Huam-dong one; it was less crowded, at least.

While I was there, I heard a loud smashing sound, and when I came out I found this SUV had backed up onto the curb and rammed into a pole, while also colliding with my scooter. I pulled it free and put the helmet back on it before taking this picture, but it was wedged in there pretty tight. No one was in the SUV, and none of these people seemed to be its owner. It seemed like it had just come out of nowhere.

Realistically, probably someone was trying to parallel park, did something wrong, and struck my scooter and jumped the curb. Then I guess they got out and went inside to get people, so it seemed abandoned for a moment. It turned out to belong to the family running a ssambap restaurant upstairs, which ironically gave me a craving.

This shows where the SUV hopped the curb and impacted the pole. It must've been pretty hard. The damage to the tail light and the dent to the left of it were probably caused by my handlebar, which has been mangled.

They were nice and called an insurance guy, and they weren't panicking. I told them I was just glad I wasn't on it.

On my way back, I stopped quickly to take this picture of roadwork.

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