Yeongcheon Market

I went back to this area and found the entrance Ryan would have used.

There was this strange gate made out of a huge metal sheet.

A little corner was cut out, seemingly for cats.

Abandoned scooter.

Other side of the sheet metal gate.

Going to church.

Overlooking the area.

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I would not climb this ladder.

Old tiles.

Inside what I'm guessing is a Sunday school affiliated with the church.

A random pipe.

One of the more market-like alleys.

A pretty classic city hanok wall.

This panorama didn't work out perfectly, but here is the washroom I found in the church.

The church had a "Shincheonji out!" poster.

The entrance to this house had shredded up wallpaper that I think indicated it was affiliated with a nearby Won Buddhism facility.

Another place.

I got onto the roof of a small office building.

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That one house has Western-style roof tiles, and they don't look like they held up particularly well.

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I was on top of a building like those in the foreground.

I got onto an adjacent roof and went down a bit. Below me in the building, I thought I heard someone else moving around so I retreated.

On my way down I had fallen down the second-last step.

Netting outside the window.

Another look at the swastika flag in the alley area.

And another flag.

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