Dongja Rooftop

I can see my home from here.

Looking over the Brownstone complex which totally somehow lives up to that name.

The grey structure is Huam Market.

Click for full size.

That's the building I was in. It's probably the maximum height allowed for a building with no elevator.

The architecture was old and basic.

More red flags.

Here are some images from a second roof overlooking the urban renewal area better.

I'll try that one next. They better have an elevator.

Somewhat a panorama.

A closer look at the church downhill.

The apartment complex.

Fine place to live, just don't fucking touch that wire.

I've photographed this before but I don't know if I've ever noticed that appears to be a heavily distorted Yongsan Park, with the War Memorial and the National Museum of Korea, both seemingly facing the wrong way.

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