Strange Fruit

The first band was ADxHD.

Pretty sure he's cosplaying for the upcoming He-Man revival.

Well at least they're masked.

This was the layout. no tables, but people were mostly sitting.

Guest vocals.

Jeff and Trash like putting behind-the-singer shots like this on covers of their compilations, so I've gotten in the habit of collecting them when possible.

From the other side of the room it was easier to photograph both together.

Then the masks started coming off.

I had somehow mixed the two of them up, assuming Aaron was singing and Ollie had gotten really jacked and was drumming. Then I saw Aaron take off his mask and he had a ton of hair, way too much since last time I'd seen him.

This is why a lot of Korean punks don't trust me with a camera.

Haru was warming up.

Fixing a strap?


I took this and liked it. "The Creation of Jiha."

They sure have a lot of dishes for a place that doesn't serve food.

When we went outside, it was still light out.

That's the sidewalk in front of Strange Fruit and Hippytokki.

He had just finished saying something about just wanting to drink 10 beers. I wish I could remember the words.

Jaehyeon told me how his band is trying to sound like a middle school band. That got us all thinking about Dead Chunks, the only band I can think of that was ever so young.

Full band picture!

We went in for The 1234-Dah!

What's with all the mullets?

At least she didn't get one.

A look back at the door.

It's a well-run venue and it's up to code...but if there were ever a fire and enough people ran out the emergency exit, they would probably not get farther than this gate, which is locked from the other side.

Trying to avoid the water pooling in front of the washroom door.

Back at the convenience store, still some light out.

I like that the rain was visible.

We went in to see Duoxini.

I believe Aaron was not nodding off.

I took a few more pictures of the room showing the seating arrangements. Contrary to shows at FF, everyone kept to the seating code all night.

And then stuff like this happened.

Outside again.

I met up with Kiseok and made way too many stupid straight-edge jokes.

Last band was Talkbats!

There's our gracious host, who I might add is an ENT doctor.

I kind of feel awkward when musicians pose for me, like they see what I'm doing and are trying to spoil my shot. Not that I won't take the shot though.

These are some of my better Talkbats! photos, thanks mostly to the lack of extreme lighting at places like FF.

They were able to enjoy themselves while sitting down.

Time to go.

Go to the convenience store for more beer that is.

I believe I heard the social distancing rules are being extended to ban not only venues like Strange Fruit and restaurants like that one, but also marting like what we're doing, after 10.

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