To Dongducheon and Back

This is an urban stream somewhere in Yangju. The left side was a decent-looking park and the right side seemed more like a wasteland.

The left side.

Further north, I paused to photograph this large bridge tower.

This part was impressive too.

Getting closer.

It looks like that mountain has been damaged, maybe for mining. This picture is the first one taken on the way back to Seoul.

I've been trying to figure out if this tunnel project is stalled or just going very slowly. The excavator was working, but that was the only sign of activity.

This stony building was at the entrance to Gisan Reservoir.

The reservoir. Click for full size.

I saw that bird from a distance.

It was a pleasant area but the map of the area was pretty old.

A look over the mountain ridges.

The evergreen trees planted here are very notably planned.

On my previous visit, this building still seemed under renovation, but this time it was fully open.

This hotel was still not open, but it still had one vehicle in the parking lot.

I stopped by the sculpture park to figure out the entrance.

Pretty sure this wasn't there last time.

There was an active payment system that only took credit card, so I absolutely did go in without paying last time, something I decided not to do deliberately this time.

Heading on.

This was a turnoff on the road I hadn't gone down before.

This restaurant had a slide.

And this one had bombs.

I stopped by the abandoned resort I'd visited in May.

Another look at some of the statues there.

It seemed more overgrown.

I checked again for unlocked doors, but still nothing new.

This map shows the Gisan area to the north I'd already driven through. At the red dot where I am now, I can continue south to Songchu or Jangheung. I decided to go toward Jangheung.

A hotel named after Psy's disappointing follow-up to Gangnam Style.

And an older-looking Opera hotel.

Here's another map looking mainly at the Jangheung area.

There were lots of nice mountain streams here going right past restaurants.

An interesting sign.



This map shows the way to another valley that seems to be heavily owned by Huh Kyoung-young.

This is the area on the main road, with pretty well no mention of Huh's valley, probably because it's further south. Also, there's a Sandal hotel here.

When I saw this, I really started to notice something was up.

So I looked and saw this banner showing Huh's face and a picture of his Sky Palace.

According to this website, the roads here are "in the shape of a female uterus and vagina, which is explained through the directions to Haneulgung," further explaining that the main road I'd been following was the vagina and I was now at "the entrance of uterine neck."

This picture of Huh with Trump was seen all over the valley. It is his "proof photo" that he met Trump, which was widely accused of being faked.

The Hello castle.

But I was here to see the sky palace, seen in the upper left of this map.

Here's a pleasant little Hanok near the bottom of the area.

And a calm dog watching me go by.

As I went up, a truck loaded with dirt was coming down. They appear to be doing some excavation work over there.

There were a couple people up here.

A Sky Palace Hotel.

The tents were the future site of the palace.

It is a remarkably beautiful valley.

According to Huh, this is "an extraterritorial jurisdiction area, where the law of the earth does not apply, while only the law of White Heaven Palace is valid."

Another proof picture. Yes, he really can kick as high as shown on that logo.

A more detailed picture of the proposed palace.

And the general vicinity.

A valley view, I think on my way out the cervix. A minute after I took this, as I was driving out, a Huh-branded compact car driving on the wrong side of the road came vaguely close to hitting me.

This place was called White House.

This place was called MORE GREEEEN.

I passed by a tomb for Gwon Yul.

It was closed so I didn't get any closer.

This part of the valley had a huge overpass running through. I wonder what kind of benefits that brings a community.

A bus and market.

I've been to this amusement park before, and may have missed a brief window when it was abandoned.

An interesting bus stop.

Vax Doroc?

On a highway heading vaguely toward Seoul.

A Chinese restaurant.

This is the road where I found the abandoned train.

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