Checking In

This area seems like it's set for demolition but I suspect it will take a while.

I found another alley nearby that was lined with city hanoks that are clearly from less improvised backgrounds.

Over in Yeomni-dong, everything seemed intact within this small area, but there were images of the future all over teh place.

This alley used to lead down to an even lower-rise neighbourhood where friends lived.

I believe Badass Tattoo was located here or in the building immediately downhill. Looking at online street view, it appears those buildings were destroyed last year and totally replaced.

Another newly built building.

I remember this alley from when I used to come here to explore.

Oh look, flowers.

One of the neighbourhood's street mazes.

And some stairs with a flower mural.

There are still these guide signs showing the way around the area, although the trails in adjacent neighbourhoods are long gone.

This new building is approximately where Jeff and Trash lived and this video was filmed.

A kalguksu restaurant with a billboard for the future.

I drove into the new apartment complex, which didn't seem that heavily inhabited yet.

Well the slope is still steep.

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