Abandoned Neighbourhood

Those sliding doors look somewhat traditional, but otherwise this space has been transformed as much as possible into something else.

The kitchen.

Up on the roof.

I had a close-up view of some adjacent roof tiles.

This is how neglected tiles often end up looking.


That was the Fuck Hanok.

This one looked like a pretty simple little storefront, but it led directly through into a full Hanok behind it.

Modern materials.

A wooden deck.

Plastic covering.

A pretty iconic city hanok.

I saw a couple cats in the area.

Last time I was here, I offered a cat in that Hanok a book deal.

Inside that Hanok, the calendar shows when the queen met the princess.

More roof close-ups.

I looked at this and a few other things around and figured, Ryan probably already photographed it.

Cat food left inside an apartment. I suspect this was left by a former resident hoping their cat would come back, but there seems to be no trap to catch the cat, just sustain the cat and allow it to keep living there up until demolition.

Overlooking some houses.

Looking back toward the door with the cat food.

An odd kitchen that isn't traditional, but probably was at some point.

Buddha's Birthday ribbon.


By this point I was starting to feel pretty exhausted.

There was a spider web on these stairs so I happily didn't go up.

There's that motorcycle still.

Another alley.

These look like tank treads from a fairly small excavator.

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