I drove past this building which was all closed off.

This abandoned neighbourhood has been curtained. I drove in through the one open road and there was a fairly fat young worker sitting up ahead, so I turned around.

Going around the circumference.

I found an abandoned cuckoo clock while inspecting one part of the fence for openings.

As I was approaching, guess which sign caught my eye. By the time I pulled over at a red light to take the picture, the tree was a little too much to the right, but hopefully you get the idea.

I followed an abandoned tunnel and ended up in the Imun-dong demolition zone.

Those must be on the outside of the area.

This is the way I got in.

The gu logo.

At the exit.

Here's how it looks from the street.

Here's another abandoned neighbourhood I hadn't seen in a while.

All shuttered off.

Here's a view from a nearby overpass higher than the shutters.

Anyway, I found one way in.

Here's the gate I had to go through.

It deposited me in a part of this neighbourhood I'd been in before, although last time I probably drove down this way.

I did not drive through here.

There were definitely cats left, and you can see how their idea of being neat is taking dumps on this little patch of dirt from somewhere. I wonder if someone is leaving these little dirt piles specifically for cats.

Here's a cat shelter that is now very difficult to reach.

Never heard of them. Best I can tell, it once was a security service in Thailand. Oddly, the pictures used on that site appear to show Korean street scenes, with one even possibly edited to show a sign in Thai. Note that this site seems to be a belong to a Korean trade company.

Found an ad on YouTube! That led to their URL, which led to this archived page. If I were a burglar, I would specifically target homes with this sign.

Anyway, back to the completely unguarded overgrown alley.

I climbed to the top floor of an apartment which gave me a good view of the area.

Let's put those two alleys together.

Now here's a panorama. Click for full size.

I encountered a hole in the ground that led to what looked like a drainage tunnel.

On my way out, I had to pause because there was an old man next to my exit, out of view around the corner to the left.

And then I saw another fuzzy intruder also in a similar situation as me.

Here's a ground-level railroad crossing in the area. It's still active with two guards on each side. I had to wait, then they lifted the gate quickly for me to get through because another train was coming right away. As I started, a mirror next to the tracks startled me and made me think I was about to be hit. Good effect. I got past, then looked back and took this picture of the second train.

Next stop: Sarang Jeil Church, the place that Yonsei Severance Hospital quarantine workers always ask me if I've visited.

This is the closest I got to it. It looked pretty heavily fortified.

Zoomed in. I couldn't see anybody, but I'd be surprised if nobody was watching.

Here's the church from the other side.

I remember walking past that building before the area was closed off.

Here's the church viewed from slightly higher ground. Click for full size.

Or here it is zoomed in a bit more.

Once I got out of the fence, I went around and saw this alley still leads right to the church. We walked down that way during a meetup in July 2020.

This is the abandoned motel I visited a few months ago. The front door was open with this sign out front.

That's a very special-looking K, but I had to look it up to confirm that it's slightly different from the cereal brand.

Another letter hotel. This one looked closed.

This had been Mix N Malt. Last time I was there was when my parents visited, and I forgot Wendell's name somehow. He's pretty busy these days with PF Saloon which has become one of the nicest clubs in Seoul, and another newer bar in Itaewon called Night Sounds, where apparently you get a free hot dog with entry.

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