Abandoned Hillside Neighbourhood

This was the view from sort of the top corner.

And from another view nearby, I could see they'd already wiped out a large section.

There were signs like this everywhere.

I parked by a temple of some kind with lotus lanterns.

These bad boys.

This was the view as I headed downhill: massive highrise complex below me.

This canvas banner seems to be about the lack of gas there.

There were lots of staircases through the area, seemingly newer than the neighbourhood itself. I almost trippedo n one due to poorly demarked steps.

A big fat cat was just sitting on the concrete behind a building.

A look from somewhere into the yard of a house.

Click for full size.

Another staircase.

Was this mural inviting me to take more pictures?

In one house, I found a ladder to an attic. I did't look up there, mostly because I was preserving energy.

Also because I helped reunite these two.

Looking downward, you can see houses with banners across the entrances, and then the unrelenting grey future at the bottom.

I leapt a fence and ended up in this yard.

Inside looked like this.

I won a trophy for getting there!

There was a weird silver doorway down this narrow alley.

Overlooking houses.

Click for full size.

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Here's a straighter shot for you panorama-haters showing what I saw in the distance.

Hide and seek on a mural.

Around now I started to notice the pumpkin motif in the neighbourhood.

And this mural on the wall of an untended house.

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