Subway Construction

Well, I was able to see this crevasse. It's basically an excavation site with solid ground on the left, and a metal lid to the right.

This was part of a generator.

I was going to jump over a small fence but I saw this on top of one of the posts. It looks like two bugs locked in battle, after one died. I don't want to declare one a victor because I think the other one might have killed its opponent.

They rolled out the green striped carpet for me.

Overlooking a construction site.

This is up on Baeksa Village.

And here's a better view of the building at the end of the street, which I had photographed well previously when there were buttgoats.

This was taken looking under the ridiculously high gate of a subway excavation site. The grey canopy in the distance could lead to something deep.

This was just in the middle of the street near Mia. Doesn't lead anywhere deep, but wide open to public view.

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