Queen Min's Tomb

From the road, I could see the fence ahead. Usually I come at this site from the other side.

Clic for full size.

This is the really imperial-era looking building I was curious about. Having looked closer, I can say it may appear like one big house, but it is filled entirely with very small living units.

Seen on the stairs leading down.

This one's for Hangeul Hypebeast

This is a kitchen in that big house. Pretty cramped.

This was a washroom in the building, in an outward-facing cavity.

This squatter was inside an apartment unit, right next to the kitchen which is seen to the right here.

The writing is on the wall.

This is the backside to the big house. You can see well here it is just a series of small openings.

Further uphill, I found this facility.

With a playground.

And a church.

Inspection paperwork.

Park rules. I probably broke all of these.

The church cross was catching sunset light as I was heading out.

This was a view out a window.

Same view, panoramaed.

I went down another alley and took another picture looking for Hanoks.

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