Gangnam Tunnel

Entrance to Hell.

There were some pretty major changes since my last visit, although the clearance on this catwalk was familiar.

The temperature in here was hot, maybe from lack of airflow.

They seem to have filled in the deep pit that was here last time.

Going up through the cage door.

I noticed the sign had foreign languages associated with migrant workers. The safety slogan seems to be "Home to Home," implying that safety will help you survive to go home. But also I kind of wonder if it means a bit "Go back to where you came from" eventually.

All this was happening in the middle of a big street.

Here's a view from the sidewalk.

A quick stop at the vehicle entrance.

It looks like they're building a passage for an escalator.

There was a 24-hour Subway right next door.

Here's where an elevator will go in.

I had to really think to find a way past the security measures.

Hang in there, Subway, soon this will be right outside a subway exit.

I went down another way and came to this larger underground area.

This seems to be suggesting safe passage ways.

I was trying to figure out if anything else was below, and then I saw down this way.

This is down a floor in what looks more like a subway station interior.

And here's the platform, also with suicide doors installed, just like the Sillim Line. Maybe there's a way to open them, but I'm not so sure I'd want to.

I thought I better obey that sign and not go back there, and then noticed I was already on the wrong side of it.


It looks like they started running electricity in the tunnel back in February.

Four foreign languages again.

Gangnam is glowing from beneath.

And just when I thought it was time to go home, I found a third way down.

This actually looked more promising, but I was dead tired.

Which way?

Back the way I came.

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