Behind Work

I went out to the convenience store, and noticed all the office buildings on the other side of the street looked pretty dark.

Apparently Meritz stood for "Merry Eco Rara Indi Tata Ziziry," a fact that improves nobody's life.

The front door.

This door led to an alley between buildings, that happened to be flooded.

A bunch of electric scooters were parked out here.

Just checking; Korea's top national treasure is still visible up the street.

I went around the corner and confirmed pretty well all of the buildings were either totally closed down or almost totally.

Looking in from the other side. This shows some stuff for construction workers.

The gas station.

Behind one of the gates. It led nowhere for now, because it was too dark.

This picture taken the next week shows this sign which didn't age well.

And this access gate pillar, which has some interesting flourishes.

Oh yeah, here is the cluster of office buildings that seem to be closed, viewed from the washroom window.

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