You'd think if you had such a humiliating district slogan, you wouldn't display it so prominently. But I always know I'm entering Gangnam because I have to pull over to laugh.

Threatening clouds, but I never felt any rain.

An attractive McDonald's.

That is the cargo terminal office building.

Here's a look further ahead, with roadwork in view. There are at least three apartment showhome buildings on the property.

Here's a view from behind, looking over the parking lot. Those two towers in roughly the middle of the picture are the Hyundai and Kia headquarters.

Click for full size.

There's the backside of the cargo terminal building. It looks like they blocked out all the windows. I wonder what the conditions are like inside.

I got closer. There were people around but nobody clearly dedicated to monitoring this building. That probably means there are no entrances.

Oh yeah, also there are two guard dogs.

They're nice dogs. The one on the right never stopped staring at something off in that direction.

I got back out on the road and took this from the middle of the street, with Hyundai-Kia on the right and Lotte Tower in the middle.

One last look. We had an argument at work recently about abbreviating Hyundai Motor Group as HMG, I guess to distinguish it from HMC (the one in the twin towers).

I haven't been able to find a name for this big hunk of rock, located south of Sadang Station.

A closer look at the features. Some of them don't look so natural.

I stopped by GBN Live House, where I was surprised to see those lights in the stairwell. I also noted the new restaurant next door, which could cause severe complications for GBN in the future.

Closure notice, dated to August 2020.

Last, I ended up in Hongdae to check a few venues. I saw that Rolling Hall, Prism, and Hippytokki all had events, although I didn't enter any. No clue what was happening at the first two, and Hippytokki was having a broadcast show I believe I wasn't welcome to crash.

Anyway, on the topic of Prism, imagine how much time it would take for 50 people to evacuate out that door.

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