Historic Sites

This building across from my office has been orphaned as basically all its neighbours have been replaced with highrises. It doesn't look like it's in great shape. I should keep a closer eye on it.

Turns out this construction I saw is Dondeokjeon.

I saw garbage piled up next to this historical site marker, and thought I should make sure to photograph every example of garbage piled at historic sites. I can't remember what this thing was, or be bothered to look through my archives for the time I did find out. It had something to do with the starting point of a journey somewhere.

This dog wasn't here long enough to be historic.

Though I'm pretty sure it was real.

There was a temporary testing site set up in front of the fenced-off old buildings in this alley I've been watching. There is always a fairly large elderly brigade around here, so maybe they had an outbreak. This tent was gone next time I drove by.

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