I'd heard a fair bit about how Gwangju was supporting the pro-democracy activists in Myanmar, which made quite a lot of sense. Sure enough, this big sign was right there in front of the iconic fountain. I hadn't noticed at the time since I wasn't oriented, but that's the newly renovated Jeonil Building in the background.

I decided to stay at the Bentley, which overlooks the abandoned Red Cross Hospital. Isaiah mentioned there were also other abandonments nearby. Sure enough, they gave me a hotel room with a view looking directly out on that (it turned out to be the Outback Steakhouse or VIPs or something I'd shopdumped at on a previous visit).

There was a roof surface out my window, so I climbed out and took some pictures.

The hospital is somewhat visible here, sort of behind those trees.

Then I found out the window had automatically locked behind me, trapping me on the roof. And someone had pissed in that puddle (don't ask me how I know). So I had to call the front desk to rescue me. They did without too many awkward questions. I was trapped outside for about the duration of this UE Kingz music video.

Here's a closer look at the TGI Friday or Bennigan's or whatever. I had a lot of bags with me and didn't really feel like looking closer unfortunately.

There's the Jeonil Building.

I had found that abandonment right next to the GIC on a previous visit.

An ominous parking garage entrance.

Here's the bullet hole room in the Jeonil Building. There was a mirror placed on the window, so the pockmarked surface pictured is the outward-facing side of a concrete pillar.

This was a huge two-storey display showing the area. There was also an animated film showing the Gwangju Massacre and this particular helicopter attack on the screen to the right (not this one -- it was a little more retro-looking).

Here's a view overlooking the plaza and the ACC.

A view of the density of the area. I think I spotted a building undergoing renovation maybe.

A look toward the hill with the observation tower a friend climbed when it was under construction.

I went to Nirvana for their brunch, which cost 10,000 won and was much better than anything else I can remember getting in Seoul. The red thing was a pepper stuffed with cream cheese.

Here's a side view of that Myanmar sign seen in the first photo.

I noted they still had this display in the lobby of Jeonil. On my last visit I think we asked if it wold be preserved and got an ambivalent answer, but can't remember really clearly now.

Here's how the lobby looks now, complete with pandemic measures.

I stopped by the abandoned colatheque. Looks like some Ancient Aliens motif.

Here you can see a bunch of cars that look like they're having a good time in this dank pit.

Looking back the other direction.

I saw this ad when I got back to Seoul. It was after midnight and too late to catch another train back down the way I'd come, so I guess I missed out. Oh well.

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