Hades Town

I spotted this intimidating banner while out for a midnight drive. Good thing I don't believe in ancient Greek mythology, or this musical might be offensive.

Looking down into the underworld.

Another underworld entrance. Looking at this image now, I have no idea why I photographed it. Maybe because of the multiple languages on one of the safety signs?

Here's what I saw looking in. It goes down pretty deep.

A crane up top.

And an excavator wearing a sock.

This is the backside of the shack housing the underground entrance. They left the window unlocked.

Looking in the window, there were all sorts of mechanisms for access control, though presumably only of cooperating workers.

A tantalising look downward, where Eurydice is waiting.

Nearby was a COVID-19 testing site, closed for the night. Even viruses sleep.

Here's the Itaewon entrance to the underworld, with the gates closed up for the first time I've observed.

This locked door is the way workers go in and out.

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