The Host Goes to Hades

Here's a picture of the tunnel entrance from a little farther back.

There had just been a serious fire across the river, minutes before I took this picture.

I was only with two other people.

But there was a group of four people who happened to be going into the tunnel on the other side at the same time.

Socially distanced urban exploring.

We missed Christmas last year, so it was necessary to hunt for any monsters that had grown in the interim.

And we set a fire for its carcass.

It was a pretty decent small campfire.

And, pleasantly, the smoke made the tunnel air smell much better.

I believe this long exposure shows another member of our group showing up from the opposite end of the tunnel.

A very bright light.

And some fireworks.

I left the camera standing for a few minutes and got images like this.

And this, with another tripod being set up in front of me.

Somewhat closer to the actual lighting situation.

Fireworks time.

Setting something up.

One of the socially distanced people up on the ledge set off a firework.

Attempting to write something with a sparkler.

Two legs wandering around.

More fireworks.

I think I had been doing a long exposure of the ledge people and moved my camera, getting this weird effect.

Stay over there!

Another focusing shot.

Coetzer tried swinging a firework around on the end of a string and got this big ball of light.

Then he got this which was basically what he was going for.

Then he fumbled in the dark.

Another success.

A very shortlived firework.

Another that didn't last long. The bluish trail in the ground is the route he walked out there over.

Setting up.

One final success, then it was time to go.

We emerged upstream.

The water level was a bit high, so the only escape in this direction was by balancing on this concrete divider.

Coetzer and Buster urban explore a very cluttered apartment.

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