The Meritz building is being gutted.

I returned later after the workers left. But I climbed in and encountered a construction worker still on site.

So I came back a later day deep into the Chuseok long weekend.

Flowers inside, next to a deep pit.

All these temporary stilts were put up inside.

My goal was the roof, where a pleasant but familiar view awaited me.

In this direction I could see a familiar roof trap from about eye level.

I have not gotten up to her yet. At some point it won't be difficult.

Closer look.

Here's a look at the construction site around back.

And here's a more fisheyed view.

A close look at the gap between buildings.

Looking west toward Malli-dong and Ahyeon-dong.

Green Zone entrance for workers.

Built 1983 or 1988.

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