The UEie Awards

Here are the UEIE awards, which I had planned to give out in the tunnel but ended up postponing.

The buildings at the Golden Plot of Sogong-dong have a new drape hanging off the front.

The Gwanghwamun GTX excavation site is now totally enclosed.

The Sewol site appears to have been removed.

Also there's a huge BTS banner on the Kyobo Building.

Over on Yeouido, I found construction for the Sinansan Line.

Do not fuck with the K-Penguin.

Maybe I did cross Pengsoo, because I drove into a new tunnel I hadn't seen before, expecting it would take me under the stream around Yeouido. Instead, it took me almost all the way to Gimpo Airport. I came out here.

But hey, there was an abandonment by the side of the road.

Another look at the road I'd just escaped.

Oh shit, so I wasn't supposed to take a scooter in that tunnel.

Entry was easy.

A nice painting on the wall.

Lots of dojang stamps.

Can't quite make it out.

The tiniest door. Is Hyundae Metal a real company? This isn't just a Hyundai unit that did romanisation right, is it? How did a company get away with using that name? Please go there and watch their very dramatic promo video.

That building doesn't look Korean.

A cluttered hall with some interesting things left on the ground.

I've been interested by the idea of finding abandoned pandemic-related signs.

Be smart.

This room looked empty but ended up being pretty interesting.

I'm very curious what this site is. It can't just be Battleship Park in Mangwon-dong.

This ribbon loves me.

Inspirational sign on a door.

There was still a lot of stuff on the sink.

I guess former workers here.

One of them probably. Found the article!

There were several awards here. Looks like these guys won a whole bunch of UEie awards in years past.

The trophy for LONGEST.

Plaque for excessive use of Hanja.

There were several more plaques on the other side of some metal debris I didn't want to cross.

A trophy case with a lot of his awards lying around.

I went up a floor and was alarmed by this guy I encountered.

Looking out from the building.

Just checking in with my scooter.

A closer look at all those felt boxes.

And the building itself.

Going back over the overpass.

I liked those red, white, and blue frames on the roof.

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