Women's Safe Way Home

All that is going to be demolished.

This scooter seemed to be very close to the model of mine. Too bad it's so rusted because I need replacement parts.

My scooter.

The sign in the road says "Women's safe way home." However, there were no other indications than that text of this being the case, especially now.

Click for full size.

Click for full size.

Last visit, I got up higher, to where there's fresh rubble and a few more buildings standing higher than that.

Stairs into a playschool.

The interior of the front door area. I like how this is identified as a "kids' school." Wouldn't that name apply to most schools?

Yes, as a matter of fact I did go for a slide.

Wall decorations in the outside hall.

I really wish this still worked.

Toy bricks and water leakage.

It's eerier this way.

Better with the frog lit?

Wall decorations in a brighter place.

Looking out the front door.

The entrance.

This was the state of the street.

There was a cliff between the part already demolished and the part to be demolished.

This was some of the hoarding art. I think this is supposed to be an idealised feature of Gwangmyeong.

I took this picture as a jet was flying overhead and waited five minutes for the next one.

Worth it?

These apartments had an odd feature I saw last time but unfortunately didn't look at closer: there were many ground-floor doors, leading me to suspect there were very small apartment units on the ground floor.

The nearby park scenery.

I wanted a picture with this mini-excavator.

Trying to find a place to set it up where the remote still works.

This angle was the best I could do.

Driving away.

I've been meaning for a while to have a closer look at some of the drainage infrastructure around here. Interesting that they have sports facilities here, just like the Geumho one.

Mildly curious.

That might have been a train station in the distance.

A pretty crazy-looking church.

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