Seoul Jemul Portal

A normal underpass.

Here I am back at the start of the tunnel on Yeouido.

This sign clearly says the inner lane leads to Sinwol Yeoui Tunnel. Doesn't mention the thing is a 7.53-kilometer no-scooters tunnel.

According to a faulty translation service, it was going to be named the Seoul Jemul Portal (even I can see it's Seoul Jemulpo Tunnel though), so that's what I'll call it.

These signs do say Incheon, but fail to mention they take you halfway there with no stopping.

I pulled up closer and yep, there's the no-scooters sign I would have seen if the signs weren't so loud.

From another safe place overlooking the tunnel.

IFC Mall.

Even Mickey Mouse can't do grammar in Korea.

Passing through Itaewon. Curious what that restaurant is.

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