18 Fevers

On the way to Hongdae.

18 Fevers.

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The Hippytokki washroom was upstairs in the stairwell, shared with other businesses of the building. One room, urinal plus toilet, lots of soap, pretty good overall. Too bad Octopoulpe never left one of his toilet-rating stickers here, because it would have scored well, at least as good as Steel Face.

The band members led me to a nearby pocha-themed restaurant.

From left: Christmas, Mathew, Garik, and SAAE.

Another bear.


Smoking outside.

SAAE is a scooter delivery driver and hurt her foot at work. But due to the nature of driver employment, she is self-employed and on her own when it comes to insurance costs.

Wandering around alleys somewhere, I saw this acrostic.

After making Deep Space 9 jokes that I don't think Garik understood, I found this building.

Apparently it was Jimin Day.

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