Baeksa Village

One of the main three lobes of Baeksa Village.

This is more the central area, probably the densest part.

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There's an abandoned building I visited a few years ago.

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This cat was eating cat food, but when it saw me it ran right past me to this path, where I guess it felt less cornered.

Didn't seem too bothered by me.

We walked uphill about as high as we could go.

Basically following the cats.

It's not urban exploring if you don't go inside anything, right?

This wasn't pleasant.

A closer look at the Western-style graffiti. We noticed it actually covered a previous mural, and you can see a bird and a boy's face.

Looks like this wall was built by stacking bags of wet cement and just letting them dry in place. We could even see bits of the bags sticking out from the cracks.

Mossy yeontan.

I was going to go into this house, but then a dog started barking.

So we walked by.

The owner came out and scolded the dog, but I felt bad for the dog because it was doing what it's supposed to.

A yeontan stove. Don't bother googling Yeontan, because a member of BTS has a dog with that name.

In one house, we found several water bowls left out.

Also bedding, which looked relatively clean.

Smushed shoes.

Electrical wiring.

Another cat.

Somewhere ahead, we heard what sounded like a conversation on TV. We kept going.

We got into one house. It was cramped and empty.

Interesting toilet.

More wiring.

Good place to display the address.

A worn old bench.

A decent view.

A speaker, and blue buckets.

Similar setup.

It looks sort of birdlike.

She also liked them.

A nearby active excavator.

Further downhill.

I think this is a self-portrait of some of the muralists.

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