There's the Noryangjin Overpass, still occupied by evictee protesters.

An anti-Suhyup banner.

I drove under that. Fortunately I made it safely.

A masked signal mannequin.

Here's my destination, for what must be my third visit. Last time they didn't have all those curtains up.

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The street leading through is still active. Just to be clear, this is Gwangbok-ro, the street I'll explain a couple images down; the previous images above do not show it.

Pointing the way.

Long story short, this road is called Gwangbok-ro (literally "Restoration fo Light Road" but Gwangbok often refers to liberation in 1945), and the road was built from the edge of Seoul (where I think there was a bus stop) to Gwangbok Apartment, built in 1972/3 by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs to house persons of national merit (probably aging independence activists).

I found an abandoned police station, possibly a first for me (at least getting in).

The second floor had these rooms, I think three of them, which I believe were for use as holding cells.

The only thing left behind.

More We'ves.

A map of the area. I believe I'm in the upper left corner, above the stream, and I can see the curve of Gwangbok-ro.

Possibly a shaman house?

This is what chicken nuggets look like alive.

Adult duck and chicken.

Looks like they got on TV.

A name to make anyone who remembers SCJ in 2012 cringe.

"Hi! Want to go to a fun fun fun disco party?"

This seemed to be a shaman business. I must have forgotten to photograph the exterior.

A beautiful rendering of the New Town project.

Even more special.

Grape Tree Children's Home.

This was the most interesting thing I saw inside.


I went around a corner and this guy gave me a jump scare.



These curtains specifically weren't there last time.

I thought this road could be Gwangbok-ro, but it appears not. The real one took a more gentle curve and ended at a bridge that is not behind me while I was taking this picture.

Anyway, time to hit a church.

It was pretty big and new.

Ryan got better pictures of this roughly human-size crucifixion.

God People.

I went up to the top floor.

The view from the top. On my first visit, I looked around high up over on that side.

Whatever used to be there predates my first visit.

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