Welcome to Magchang

This was a small corner of shaman wallpaper in another shaman house.

The kitchen-bathroom area was colourful. This reminds me of Choi Buja Jib in Gwangju, where the toilet actually was sort of in the kitchen like this. However, this one could have just been dragged here.

The exterior.

I wandered around and ran into two female scavengers cutting through. I never figured out how they got in or out, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't my route judging by this path.

There had been no demolition on my last visit just a month and three days earlier.

I remembered this thing. I was following directions based on scooters I'd found, and at the time looking for one similar to mine.

Ah, there.


If my cats could communicate and engage in creative thinking, and I asked them what they wished to be called, I believe they would come up with this. "We're the canimals! Now, provider, if you wouldn't mind...we're feeling a mite peckish."

Open gate.

Bujeoks on a string.

Whoever lived here loved cats...or canimals.

And performed shaman rituals.

And phoned people.

And had a pretty wicked bujeok.

And did a Jesus jigsaw puzzle.

And had a Persian rug I never photographed properly.

A closer look at the cat jigsaw.

If you lived in Lucky Town, you weren't so lucky.

Tongue graffiti.

I noticed this one apartment building had a row of small, dark windows on its bottom floor, which were probably about two meters off the ground on this side.

I went around to find out what they were. Each was a tiny room for a single person to live, and the whole area was very dark due to the small windows. Even those holding rooms in the police station were bigger, and better-lit. This was aboveground housing; why did they have to make these rooms so oppressive? That was a choice somebody made. Why would sunlight cost extra?

Here are the windows on the outside.

Mickey Mousemobile.

I got into another dark basement, although the rooms here were notably larger, and also more underground. Someone who lived or at least visited here seemed to like animals.

I can only identify the WWF bear, although I'll probably feel stupid for not knowing what the bulldog is.

The only room that had stuff in it, although I didn't want to stay down here.

I got out again to where it was spacious, the road where I'd seen the scavengers earlier.

This was the last place I was looking for, another shaman house.

Looks like it's next to be destroyed.

Click for full size.

And another one. Click for full size.

Lanterns leading the way in.

Interesting watercolour art. I wonder where it is.

Lanterns from below.

And a clock.

I found this under the altar.

What was in the kitchen.

I went up to the second floor.

A view from up here of the demolition.

Against animal testing.

There was a TV.

And some thick old blankets.

We're near the airport.

Also, very near a stadium.

At the door was this jar of little origami things. Somehow it was too dark for my camera to focus properly.

A cow welcomes me to the next home over.

There was another TV, and all these trinkets on shelves.

Is that a van Gogh?

Imagine being a Christian next to a shaman. Or worse, the other way around.

What a blatant typo.

Okay, time to photograph all the shelves.

A beakless duck?

This was the house, with the grey one next door being the shaman place.

Yeah yeah, We've.

Welcome to Magchang.

I tried finding the scavengers' entry point (which would be behind me in this image) but failed.

So I went back to my own.

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