Sewoon 4

I pulled up and immediately noticed the demolition signs.

It seems like everything beside the sidewalk is being demolished.

Next month.

I went into the dark alleys.

Lit up with a fill light.

Another dark passageway filled with a fill light.

I believe the light ahead on the left was a still active store.

Sewoonie the bear selling surveillance equipment.

This is an active part of Sewoon Sangga, after hours.

From Sewoon Sangga, I could see the lowrise neighbourhood to be demolished right next door.

Peeling letters.

This seemed to be a cleaning apparatus, except it was totally useless and just sprayed water the whole time.

This wooden stage is a theater set up for the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. It airs a program of audio-free videos 24 hours a day, including a number of videos of a friend.

I found it irritating that this structure was built to provide seating, right by a more permanent seating structure that seems to have been closed off during the pandemic.

A look at the whole theater in the plaza at the north end of Sewoon Sangga.

Meanwhile, next door, a reminder that the regeneration of Sewoon Sangga is not to be shared with the existing community.

That stupid water-spraying thing.

Here's another entrance to the abandoned area, with its own archway gate.

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