Dimz's Jokbal Banquet

This is just an old building on slanted ground.

And a We've.

I got up high so I could see over a construction fence, and was rewarded with this sight. What happened here? A burned-out nail house?

There was a guy down there.

Scroll all the way to the bottom and we'll figure out what this place is.

That whole lot was bordered by a dense block of three-floor buildings.

Click for full size.

I kept driving and I saw something I wanted to see inside: a 24-hour sex store.

Anyway, I gained entry at another part of the lot.
It looks like I've found several Dimz originals.

Curious if that's the remnants of his meal.

That's actually his most artistic mural I've seen.

A look across.

Click for full size.

The sex store is in that four-storey brick building.

I tried getting some reflection shots.

Click for full size.

This side more to the left couldn't be caught in one big panorama, due to the shape of the roof I was on.

Click for full size.

See what I mean? Click for full size.

Maybe this one's a little straighter.

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Here's a more straightforward look at the reflective part.

My first abandoned unicycle.

A decent attempt, but it fails to get the right side now.

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I noticed motion down in the rubble field on the way to the sex shop.

Can you see it here?

A dog and several magpies.

My stray dog encounters while exploring, or anywhere in Korea really, are rare.

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This pirate-tooth hired-goon graffiti is familiar. Here's a mildly similar concept from 2008 right before the Yongsan Disaster.

Anyway, sex awaits.

It was empty and trashed, and the only thing of real note I found was this bujeok. I'm trying to imagine nudity in some of the curves here.

This was one floor up.

Scrawling information about the rooms on the wall. I saw similar markings in a few other rooms.

A library in the rooftop apartment.

Imagine living up here above a sex shop.

They were not shy with signs about it.

Down in the rubble I noticed there was a basement that was lower than the water of the huge puddle. However, the rubble down there looked suspicious, so I threw a rock, revealing it was a flooded basement with floating stuff on it making a fake floor. Go down those trashed stairs and you will get very wet.

My last stop was this small cluster in a corner: a motel and a shaman house.

I didn't get any pictures of the motel rooms. They were small and empty.

But the shaman house interested me more anyway.

This was about all that was left marking its shamanistic setting.


There was a taxi parking lot on one end of the lot. It seemed like probably an easy way in and out, but too much chance of some dispatcher yelling at you. Still, that means the dog has a way out.

Okay, and back at this burned-out nail house, the guy was gone and I got much closer.

Except...it's not really burned, and all that soot is painted on.

Roof tiles are being painted to look burned.

The couches could be legitimately scorched.

Here's how the front door looks from the other side. This thing's a movie set!

Black paint for making the fire damage.

And the blue thing behind it is I guess a blue screen so they can add flames later.

There was a list of schools on the front gate. Not sure why.

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