Movable Metal Type Print Blocks

Here are some.

This one is specifically dated to...


In this set, Hangeul is starting to appear.

Roughly the same from above.

I think I see "Oh" next to the "thinker" piece.

A look at the displays. They were very accessible under glass, with no worries about me taking out my camera and taking pictures (without a flash). The book next to it is a copy printed with the same type of blocks.

The view out the front of the museum.

And that's the side of the museum itself, with an ad for the exhibit.

Last time I was here in April, this building was an abandoned Hanok.

I went up to a roof to get a look of the Insadong archaeological excavation site. This is where all of those metal blocks were pulled out of the ground.

A quick look at those Hanoks. The others seem still abandoned.

Click for full size.

Here's my attempt to look closer. It was hard to tell, but zooming in on the image I could see there were a fair amount of people down there.

Click to zoom in.

Oh yeah, there was also another demolished lot near the main site. Makes me wonder if they're going to wipe out all the buildings between the two.

Here's another one over by the Orakai. But if they connected this one to the others, tourists would notice.

The Insadong tourists know is somewhere down there.

Also I saw this weird roof trap nearby. This picture doesn't show what it is, but it turns out it's a large cat, and it's on the roof of the National Souvenir Center.

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