Sewoon 4

While I was driving, I nearly ran over this banana peel in the road. It made me laugh, so I pulled over, ran back along the sidewalk, and took a picture of it.

She is against the US troop withdrawal, which now that Trump is gone I don't think anyone is discussing.

The Kathouse where we spent Halloween is gone, sadly. Also, happily, that annoying water-spraying installation next to it is also gone, although it left behind what could be water damage.

Looking over the side of the plaza.

One of the canopied alleys.

Both together.

It looks like there's some redevelopment happening on the west side of the structure also.

Slightly closer look.

I went inside that weird green cube next to the structure. It was claustrophobic inside and had a high vacancy rate.

A conveyor belt at the stairs that looks like it's had its accidents.

Then I went down into the alleys.

There were people down there, more than at night, although I tried not to have my camera out when anyone was around.

To me it actually seemed a little eerier during the day, although maybe just because I was more concerned about running into people.

It could still look dark.

On the other side of that purple microvan is Cheonggyecheon.

Yes, apparently this restaurant opened in 1954.

I am also curious about this business which seemed to have sold Buddhist stuff.

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