Euljiro Nightlife

I found my way into some particularly narrow alleys.

This is the area where I like to disorient people.

Matt's coming after me.

I think the optimal time to come here would be about 20 minutes later than this.

Here's another sign at the North Korean restaurant.

There were a few watch sellers set up in this alley still. When I'd been here on the weekday, it was a little more crowded than this and I opted not to take any pictures.

A friendly spider.

Nice texture.

We decided to eat at this restaurant.

We had some kind of galbitang although I didn't think to photograph it until it was mostly gone.

They sold clothes there, and some of the dresses actually looked like something some of my friends would wear.

Good parking spot.

This was made entirely with soju caps.

Somehow I didn't take any pictures while we were on Sewoon Sangga, but then we went over to Euljiro Nogari Alley.

We were waiting in line to get into this place.

But they brought us over to a table in another section across the alley, still affiliated with the same place.

Hard to see the sign, but that's OB's Cabin, which has been facing an eviction conflict lately.

I've heard the conflict is between it and another similar style of business nearby.

It was a warm night.

These girls were seated on our other side, right next to the line of traffic.

The important thing about beer is getting that selfie.

Pure white cowboy boots.

Sitting alone (temporarily)

From what I've seen, this area has been like this throughout a large part of the pandemic, taking advantage of the outdoor seating.

This guy was our waiter for most of our time here.

Cleanup time.

Apparently the alley has future heritage status.

I can't remember what I wanted to comment on with this.

A soju restaurant.

We wandered through the alley.


We ended up in Seendosi, which was warmer.

After, I wandered around a bit seeing how it looked now.

Some parts still active.

Where we were before.

A Starcraft van.

I guess they were changing the sign.

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