Pumpkin Village

A view from nearby. I like how crooked it is.

This one was taken on the terrace of an apartment complex. Click for full size.

Another terrace view. Click for full size.

A closer view.

The We'ves around here had these terraced apartment units on the bottom floors. Interesting approach, but I'm not sure it's much superior to giving everyone a proper balcony.

Okay, time to enter the abandoned part.

Someone's shoes.

A nice view of the neighbour's roof.

Narrow way to the washroom.

I foudn these weird bones and can't identify them.

Going higher.

Where that playground is was where I took some of the earlier pictures.

More of a side view of them.

December 2014 calendar.


This room had been caved in.

That's where the caved-in room is located.

Another look.

Not much left of the roof tiling.

This roof is in better shape.

This weekend, ginkgo trees decided to start shedding their leaves, creating piles all around the city.

There's one of them.

An elaborate drain spout.

probably a doorbell and intercom.

A pumpkin-related mural.

And pumpkins on the mailbox.

Time to go higher.

I found this lost dog.

And this depressed dog.

This frog filled with origami mosquitos looks happy.

One piece that holds it all together missing.

There were places hit worse with falling leaves, but this was a safe place where I could photograph them.

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