Lotte Castle Dicks

There they are, the tallest phallic shape this side of Namsan.

All the pinkish buildings here had them.

I got on a roof across the street, but it was too close to get a proper view.

I went further down the street to try out one of a few other potential high vantage points I'd spotted...only to find an abandoned apartment building about to go remodeling.

I cut through the playground.

There were people somewhere inside.

And a motorcycle leaning against the wall.

I went up an external staircase and found this.

I used to love playing with these things in doctors' offices.

I got to the roof and was presented with this view.

Zoomed in slightly.

A complicated loop.

Riverside pool.

This would be a great view if it wasn't raining. Click for full size.

A pretty good view of the Hannam area. I never suspected Tower Hotel was so visible.

Click for full size.

It looked like other buildings had been removed next door previously.

A closer look at the playground equipment. What kind of drugs were they giving these kids?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is terrifying right?

They're like abstract art ducks or something.

One more look at the Lotte Castle buildings from the other side.

A crazy Christian sign near my office.

Speaking of which.

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