Modeci Show

If the "Power Saving" light comes on, I'm jumping out of this elevator.

A view from the roof of the alley leading up past FF.

On the other side, it looks down over where Drug/Skunk II used to be. I've never seen it from this side before.

A storied place in the alley. Some of the graffiti is from the mid-2000s.

We were on a giant chess board.

The first act was Repoman.

I wasn't too satisfied with how my flash was looking.

So I started to mess around.

My goal was to piggyback on someone else's flash. This first one wasn't in focus.

Took a while of waiting for more flashes. This is how it looks when I wait too long.

This one worked out about right. I think it wasn't a flash, just another kind of light that stayed on a while.

Judging by the flash position, this was probably mine being held off body.

Not mine.

Another messy one.

I like how they turned out.

Next band was Nite Echoes.

The drummer was in the easiest location for me to photograph.

For the rest of the band, I had to wait for someone to turn toward my direction.

Viewed from behind the crowd.

There were curtains, probably more for the weather than the sound.

Third band was Hyodo and Bass

One shot at the bar.

Han at work.

He wanted me to take another.

Back to the stage, where I focused on the drummer.

Then looked up.

Too bad I didn't refocus in time.

The crowd was into it.

Park Daham was hiding in a back corner of the stage.

There were a fair number of familiar faces among the crowd, though not as much compared to usual shows.

I don't know what I was trying to do with this, but sort of like it.

They sure smile a lot.

Another look down toward FF.

Joongmo starts rooftop skateboarding.

A couple more pictures inside.

A depressing sight.

There are no longer kebab trucks all over Hongdae, so I stopped by a convenience store and got some "K-rose" ramyeon, which has now been added to the K-Iceberg.

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