Linus' old storefront now bears the name "The Gogi Boys," which I discovered a few months earlier is going to be a collaboration between him and Phillies (unless that changed since then).

As I was walking to Itaewon, I decided to finally get a picture of this graffiti on the garrison wall, which was put up shortly after Trump and Kim Jong-un's first meeting.

I climbed on top of a roof overlooking the entrance to Itaewon. The crowd gathered across from me is an Amnesty rally for Transgender Day of Remembrance, and at this moment, Jina and Goyang of Billy Carter were performing.

You can just barely see them.

These days Koreans are more anti-ghost than anything.

I stopped by the rally.

Appreciate this Itaewon architecture, and ignore the SUV anomaly.

The rally is getting ready to march.

The march begins.

Unfortunately all the flags were backwards.

I ran along on the other side of the road trying to stay somewhat ahead of the people at the front holding flags.

After, I ended up at Studio where Kimchi Cowboys were playing.

We hung out upstairs after, and a lot of colourfully dressed characters came by.

We were sitting in front of the kebab shop. At some point I went in and bought food which I took home.

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