Hippytokki Show

The first band was SBW Riders, playing their first show.

They were a lot of fun.

Bongsu tries to make himself look bigger.

I later found out he lost one of the lenses in his sunglasses.

I had to get longer body shots to show his whole ensemble.

A skateboard for the pedals.

I noticed the Hippytokki neon bunny on the wall, and decided to try taking pictures of Bongsu with rabbit ears.

And a Hello Kitty with a face shield.

Now you can see his kilt. I had asked in interview, and yes, he does wear clothes underneath.

It was still daytime outside.

Crossing the street.

I left for a while and came back in time for Polluter.

And last I saw Sweet Gasoline.

Yep, that's a Burzum shirt.

And yes, those are bunny ears.

This is why I hate lasers.

After, we went to the "Daldongne" restaurant up the road, which was actually deep inside a basement rather than on a high-up hillside.

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